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One of the best things you can do for your lawn on a yearly basis is core aeration. Just like fertilizer and mowing, core aeration will help maintain a healthy and beautiful lawn from season to season.
If your lawn has taken a beating from the summer heats or the dog has just worn out the back yard, verticutting is a great way to help promote good even seed growth.
Below is some information on both of these services. We are available as well to come out and review the lawn for lawn renovation suggestions and a free estimate.


Core Aeration
Lawn aeration is recognized as the best way to improve air/gas exchange and water/nutrient intake. Due to soil compaction and other soil conditions, it is difficult for your lawn to thrive without some means of mechanical aeration. In addition to compaction, thatch buildup can be especially damaging to lawns. This buildup will act as a barrier to your soil, and prevents water and nutrients from penetrating the soil. With aeration, the machine removes small plugs of soil from the ground. As the plugs break down, they provide your lawn with a valuable top dressing as well as helping to deteriorate thatch. In addition, the holes left in the ground allow for the nutrients and water to reach the root systems, which in turn strengthen them. A stronger root system will provide you with a thicker, more wear resistant lawn!
Mechanical Aeration benefits your lawn in six ways:
1. Reducing soil compaction
2. Penetrating heavy thatch
3. Allowing more efficient watering and fertilizing
4. Enhancing root growth
5. Enriching surface soil
6. Decreasing water run-off

If you're interested in thickening the lawn up, call us to verticut and overseed. Verticutting creates a proper seedbed for optimal seeding results. This Process generally results in seed germination rates of 80% and better!

Recommended Service Packages

* Core Aeration
* Core Aeration with Over seeding and Starter Fertilizer
* Verticutting with Over seeding and Starter Fertilizer
* Core Aeration, Verticut and Overseed for best results!

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